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Dive 69

Date: May 5, 2013         Repetitive Dive: 2 of 3

Time In:  11:38  Time Out:  12:07    Time:   :29

Dive Location: YO-257 Wreck,  Oahu, HI.

Dive Shop:  Island Divers Hawaii

Purpose: DMC Practicals – Con Ed.

Dive Type:  Boat   Environ: Ocean / Salt

Conditions:  Mild Current    Wt:  16lbs

Visibility: 70-80′

Air Temp:  80° F  Btm. Temp:  77° F

Max Depth:  95′    Average Depth: 56′

Safety / Decompression Stops: 3 Min @ 15′

Start PSI: 2,800    End PSI: 730      Air/EANx:  34%

Exposure Protection: 5-Mil Full Wetsuit, Hood, Boots, Gloves

Equipment: 3cf Spare Air, 2 Dive Lights, Scuba Pro Jet Fins


On this dive I would be assisting Nate with the Wreck Adventure Dive for the Advanced Open Water certification class. While on our surface interval I switched over the students scuba tanks so they would be ready for the next dive. Again my job was to follow behind the group observing the students making sure they did not have any difficulties.

We descended onto to the YO-257 and briefly toured its deck. Since the Atlantis Submarine was not around right now, the current was mild, and the visibility was good we decided to venture over to the wreck of the San Pedro which lays next to the YO-257.

As Nate lead the group across the ocean bottom to the San Pedro I remained behind to make sure that all divers made it across between the ships safely . The Atlantis submarine tours back and forth between the shipwrecks so basically I acted like a crossing guard making sure the way was clear for the divers.

We toured the wreck of the San Pedro which is much more deteriorated than the YO-257 is and then swam back over to the YO-257. I could hear the Atlantis submarine in the area but could not see where it was at yet, so as we were crossing back over I kept looking for the Atlantis and making sure that no divers were left behind on the San Pedro.

Upon returning to the Yo-257 we began touring the openings that have been cut into its hull allowing the divers to swim through it for their first experience of penetrating a wreck. Since my penetration experiences during the Night Diver Specialty dives and the Wreck Diver Specialty dives I was able to do the penetrations without a problem. It also helped that I was able to keep my concentration on the students instead of what I was doing.

As we reached the mooring line and started our ascent the Atlantis submarine came into view  just off the starboard side of the YO-257. As it got closer to the side of the YO 2 advanced divers that were not staying with our group were coming out of the holes in the side of the YO and were surprised by the Atlantis which was about 20 feet from them. They stayed close to the ships side and ascended up to the rest of us on the mooring line.

We ascended up the mooring line and made a 3 minute safety stop at 15 feet before climbing back onto the boat for our surface interval and lunch before our third dive.

Dive 67

Date: May 2, 2013

Time In:  10:53  Time Out:  11:27    Time:   :34

Dive Location: YO-257,  Oahu, HI.

Dive Shop:  Island Divers Hawaii

Purpose: Wreck Diver Specialty #4

Dive Type:  Boat   Environ: Ocean / Salt

Conditions:  STRONG CURRENT    Wt:  16lbs

Visibility: 40-50′

Air Temp:  88° F  Btm. Temp:  77° F    .

Max Depth:  98′    Average Depth:

Safety / Decompression Stops: 3 Min @ 15′

Start PSI: 2,926    End PSI: 275      Air/EANx:  32%

Exposure Protection: 5-Mil Full Wetsuit, Hood, Boots, Gloves

Equipment: 3cf Spare Air, 2 Dive Lights, Scuba Pro Jet Fins


This was the fourth and last dive for the Wreck Diver Specialty course.

Since the current was so strong today and I had not mapped this wreck we decided not to have me deploy a penetration line on the YO-257 and opted for just a “fun dive” to explore the wreck. I had dove this wreck once back in early March for my Advanced Open Water certification, but we stayed on the outside of it and did not venture inside. This dive we would penetrate the wreck to help me overcome my claustrophobia.

As we descended on the YO-257 the visibility had dropped from our previous dive and I was not able to see the wreck until we descended past the buoy and were approaching it. The first thing I was able to see was the Nautilus submarine which takes tourist on a tour of the YO-257 and the San Pedro which is sunk beside it. On my last dive here you could see the San Pedro from the YO-257

I saw several large jelly fish which concerned me because of my allergy to their stings. I always keep an Epi Pen in my dive bag just incase I have an anaphylactic reaction to them. This is also why I dive with a full wetsuit, hood, boots, and gloves to cover up and protect everything that I possibly can cover.

On this dive Nate my instructor played tour guide as I followed him inside the wreckage of the YO-257. We swam through several areas of the ship seeing the sea life that call the YO home including a very large Moray Eel that was hanging out above a rusted pipe inside. There was also another Moray Eel that found a nice home in a round port hatch on the ships starboard hull that did not seem very happy to be disturbed from his sleep.

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