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Dive 88 – Night Dive

Date: July 4, 2013       Repetitive Dive: 4 of 4

Time In:  22:24    Time Out:  22:53     Time:   :29

Dive Location: Kaiser Reef,   Oahu, Hawaii

Dive Shop:  N/A

Purpose: Night Dive

Dive Type: Boat    Environ: Ocean / Salt

Conditions:  Light Current        Weight:  14lbs.

Visibility: 50-60′

Air Temp:   73      Bottom Temp:  74.0

Max Depth:  59.0′       Average Depth: 41.5′

Safety / Decompression Stops: 3 Min / 15′

Start PSI: 2,816    End PSI: 1,977      Air/EANx:  32%

Exposure Protection: 5-Mil Full Wetsuit, Hood, Boots, Gloves, 2 Dive Lights

Equipment: Spare Air, iGills


We decided to head towards Waikiki so that we could be able to see the fireworks that were scheduled to be fired at Ala Moana Beach Park tonight on our surface interval.

This was the first time I had seen fireworks from the water and the view was spectacular. We definitely had a lot better view from out here on the water than we would have had from Ala Moana Beach park. I am so glad we chose to do our second night dive over here now.

iGills Snapshot

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