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Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialist

Since I recently purchased a new BCD which is a back inflate style instead of the jacket style that I had been using up to this point I decided that this would be a good time to take the Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialist course to help me dial in my weighting and buoyancy with the new equipment.

I worked with David, my instructor from Island Divers Hawaii and with some tips from him we were able to really zoom in on my ballast weight. We were able to drop 4 pounds off of my weighting which made a huge difference in being able to move easily underwater. I felt a lot lighter and more fluid as I moved now, and with the extra weight being off of me I barely had to add any air at all to my BCD which kept me more streamlined with the bladder tighter against my back.

I had heard that this was an important specialty to take, but until actually doing it I had no idea how much of a difference what I learned in the class would actually make.

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