Dive 87 – Night Dive

Date: July 4, 2013        Repetitive Dive: 3 of 4

Time In:  18:59    Time Out:  19:28      Time:   :29

Location: Corsair Wreck,  Oahu, Hawaii

Dive Shop:  N/A

Purpose: Night Dive

Dive Type: Boat    Environ: Ocean / Salt

Conditions:  Light Current             Weight:  14lbs.

Visibility: 80-90′

Air Temp:   76      Bottom Temp:  72.4

Max Depth:  103′       Average Depth: 74.8′

Safety / Decompression Stops: 3 Min / 15′

Start PSI: 3,297    End PSI: 2,214      Air/EANx:  32%

Exposure Protection: 5-Mil Full Wetsuit, Hood, Boots, Gloves, 2 Dive Lights

Equipment: Spare Air, iGills


This dive was a first for me, I have never dove off of an inflatable RIB before. Doing a bankroll into the water was definitely different from what I am used to. Saw lots of jellies in the water tonight, luckily I was not stung by any of them though. This was only my third night dive on the Corsair and it was much better than last time with the current being much, much lighter. Actually had an enjoyable dive this time.

iGills Snapshot

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