Dive 84

Date: June 27, 2013         Repetitive Dive: 2 of 2

Time In:  09:51  Time Out:  10:45  Time:  :54

Dive Location: Sharks Cove,  Oahu, HI.

Dive Shop: N/A

Purpose: Solo Dive

Dive Type:  Shore      Environ: Ocean / Salt

Conditions:  1-3′ Swells, Mild Surge   Wt:  16lbs

Visibility: 20-30′

Air Temp:  81° F    Btm. Temp:  79° F

Max Depth:  36.4′    Average Depth: 22′

Safety / Decompression Stops: None

Start PSI: 3,085   End PSI: 1,067      Air/EANx:  21%

Exposure Protection: 5-Mil Full Wetsuit, Boots, Hood, Gloves

Equipment: 3cf Spare Air, Oceanic V-12 Split Fins, iGills


For the second dive I went out on the left side of the cove and focused on the area straight out in front of Sharks Cove then came back in on the right side of the cove. I chose to just do a relaxing dive to observe all the fish species that inhabit the cove.

Saw a lot of Reef or Wedge Tailed Trigger Fish shown in the photo below, called Humuhumu-nukunuku-apua´a in the Hawaiian language which means fish that grunts like a pig. The  humuhumu as it is often referred to is the Hawaii State Fish.

iGills Snapshot

Stout Moray Eel

Moorish Idol

Threadfin Butterflyfish

Moorish Idol


Ornate Butterflyfish

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