Hawaii Gas Beach Picnic – First Aid Station

Setting up the First Aid Station

Setting up the First Aid Station

Yesterday I spent the day in Kailua at the Hawaii Gas annual Summer BBQ on the beach in Kailua.

Hawaii Gas is very concerned with safety, both on the job and off. For this reason they have decided to incorporate safety into their employee events.

I was hired as a medic to stand-by just in case anything were to happen, and to man a First Aid Station.

Two lifeguards were also hired to keep everyone safe in the water and prevent any accidents from happening.

After getting the First Aid Station setup, I spent the remainder of the day avoiding sunburn and passing out bandaids for minor scrapes and cuts to the children of the employees who spent the day playing in the ocean.


Hawaii Gas Picnic First Aid Station

After receiving rain the previous night we were worried about the event getting rained out, but the weather cooperated with us for the event.

The only thing that we had to deal with was very strong winds throughout the day that almost blew my tent away.

Even with 30 pounds of weights on each of the tents four legs, and me standing on top of the weights of one leg, the wind was still lifting the tent up off the ground at one point as a squall line passed through.

With the high winds we were also concerned about Portuguese Man O’War being blown into the area, so I prepared to deal with any possible stings. Fortunately there were no marine life incidents and I was able to have a quite boring day for a change.

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