Dive Trailer – New Lighting & Registration

Old incandescent marker lights

Old incandescent marker lights

Over the past few days I have made several changes and improvements to the dive trailer.

All together I have installed 24 amber and 9 red LED marker lights on the trailer now.

Since I have decided to change all of the outside trailer lighting from halogen and incandescent bulbs over to LED, these marker lights that were originally on the trailer (shown here circled in red) had to go. The only problem was if I removed them, they would leave a hole in the side of the trailer where they were mounted.

Then I remembered the four 3″ side vents that I had to install on the trailer, they were the perfect size to take the place of these marker lights.

New side vents installed

New side vents installed

With the new air vents installed, you can’t even tell that marker lights used to be there. They are a perfect fit, and look factory installed.

Legally this trailer is not required to have marker lights on the fenders because it in only a 5 foot wide trailer. This is why it does not come from the factory with marker lights there.

Recently a picky Honolulu Police Department officer harassed me about it not having marker lights showing the “widest point of the vehicle“. I have been getting a lot of harassment from them over the trailer because of the homeowners association where I live. They do not like the trailer parked either on the street, or in my driveway, so they call the police all the time, it’s a real pain dealing with them.

As you can see in the above photos, to appease him I installed both reflectors on the bottoms of the fenders and LED marker lights on the tops of the fenders of both sides to clearly mark the “widest point of the vehicle“.

Reverse Lights

Reverse Lights

When I went to get the trailer’s safety check so that I could renew the license plates on it, the guy inspecting it said that he can’t pass the inspection because it does not have reverse lights on it. Where do they find these people?

Even trailers on 18-wheelers do not have reverse lights on them. Trailers do not come equipped with reverse lights because unless you happen to have a 7-pin trailer electrical connection on the tow vehicle, there is no wiring for reverse lights for the trailer.

Luckily my Suburban is equipped with a 7-pin RV-style hookup for the trailer, so I installed reverse lights onto it.

I have owned this trailer for four years now and I have never once had anyone say that it has to have reverse lights to pass a safety check before. Most trailers I see on the island do not even have license plates on them anyway, and they want me to put reverse lights on mine? What a load of crap to go through completely re-wiring the trailer just for a safety check sticker.

New LED Floodlights for night dives

New LED Floodlights for night dives

So, almost $300 and another week later, I finally have current safety inspection and registration decals on the trailer.

Here is a photo showing the new LED floodlights that I installed on both the rear and right side of the trailer. They are bright enough that I can light up the area around the trailer when getting ready for night dives. I can set up my 10’x10′ pop-up tent beside or behind the trailer and light everything up like daytime making night shore dives much easier.

Next I will be installing the ventilation fan on the roof of the trailer and I will include step-by-step instructions with photos for installing a 3-speed reversible roof fan from Fantastic Vents on a trailer that never had a roof vent on it before. It’s a very simple process to follow making it easy to add a rood vent fan to any trailer, truck, or RV roof.

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