Rescue Cans Added To Dive Trailer

RescueCanI decided to move the two Rescue Cans that I have from my Suburban over to my dive trailer to keep all of my emergency equipment together in one place. They don’t get used very often, but I would rather have them there and never need them than to need them and not have them.

I also ordered a set of mounting brackets for them so that I can mount them to the wall of the dive trailer to make them easy to get without having to search for them. I will be mounting these right at the back of the trailer so they can be reached quickly in an emergency.

One of the companies that I provided first aid & CPR training for a couple weeks ago is planning a company party later this month at a beach park. They have 2 newly certified lifeguards in-house but they do not have any rescue equipment for them to use, so they contacted me to see if I could give them a list of what they needed to purchase and where they could get it from.

Since I have everything that they will need already in the dive trailer I decided that instead of them purchasing everything for a one-time event, I will bring the trailer over to them and “stand by” in case anything were to happen. They agreed that it was a great idea, and will basically rent me for the day.

This way they will have two lifeguards and a medic on-site along with all of the equipment needed to handle just about any situation.

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