Product Review – XS Scuba Pony Bottle Holder

I have been searching for a system to mount my 40 cf pony bottle tanks from when I do my deeper dives besides mounting it to d-rings on my BCD under my arm which is a little uncomfortable because it gets in the way sometimes.

I have looked at a few models and did not like them, either due to their design, or their price, until I received the Pony Bottle Holder from XS Scuba that I recently purchased from

This is a very simple design, yet you can instantly tell that it is a well designed, durable, quality product that is made to last for years. The webbing of the straps is a lot thicker than I thought it would be considering it is only designed to hold a pony bottle strapped up against your main tank. It doesn’t have to carry a lot of weight.

The system uses two separate straps that are long enough to go around my aluminum 80’s easily and look like they would have no problem fitting a 100 either. The buckles are stainless steel to prevent rusting and the straps are secured with velcro the entire length of the strap, not just a tab on the end of it. I can’t think of a possible situation on a dive where the velcro of these straps could come loose.

Inside both the main tank straps and the pony bottle straps are rubber grippers to prevent either tank from sliding out of the straps.

I strapped my pony bottle onto my aluminum 80 and secured the straps, then dropped it into the water for several hours to make sure that the straps had been impregnated with as much water as possible to see if it would allow the straps to loosen up at all. When I pulled it out of the water and shook the BCD quite briskly, the pony bottle didn’t budge a bit. The rubber grippers held everything nice and secure, and the long length of the velcro did not allow the straps to loosen one bit.

I can’t wait until this ear infection clears up so that I can test this out in the water on an actual dive, not just in my rinse bucket.

My Product Rating: 

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