Dive Trailer Construction

I have been trying to figure out what to do with all of my dive gear instead of having it all cluttering up the back of my Suburban.

I finally decided that I will convert my 5’x8′ enclosed cargo trailer into a dive trailer to store and transport everything all at once.

It has been sitting in my driveway for almost a year since it was used last, so I might as well put it to use.

I just ordered a new Thule roof rack so that I can move the two kayaks and their racks off of the roof of my Suburban and mount them on top of the trailer, that should be in by the weekend hopefully. I also ordered 12 “Super Quick Fist Clamps” to mount scuba tanks standing up against the wall.

I am designing the inside of the trailer now to make the most of the space available. I will have a hanging rack for wetsuits, storage for my First Aid Kit, Trauma Kit, Oxygen Kit, AED, extra oxygen tanks, multiple sets of fins, 2 DPV’s with spare batteries and a built-in charging station, dive weights,  assorted dive accessories, kayak accessories, and spare parts that I have been accumulating. I am also hoping to be able to fit a portable chemical toilet for emergencies and a rinse station for rinsing gear off before it is hung up to dry.

I already installed 4 dome lights inside the trailer for night dives and I will be adding additional lighting outside the trailer to light up a work/staging area.

I know I am forgetting about something, but right now I can’t think of anything else that I need to add to the trailer. I hope that I can think of everything before I get started on the construction of the inside so I don’t have to start over again.

If anyone has any suggestions for what needs to be included in a dive trailer, I’m all ears. This is my first attempt at building one.

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