New Scuba Tanks

Since my current scuba tanks will be due for their annual VIP inspections soon as well as their 5 year hydro inspections, I decided it would be a good time to purchase some new ones.

TanksI added four new 80 cf aluminum tanks to my equipment inventory this week. Two black tanks that I purchased from Island Divers Hawaii’s new Schofield Barracks dive shop, and two bright yellow tanks that I ordered from All four tanks have Pro Valves on them so that I am able to use wither yoke or DIN regulators, giving me more options for later upgrades if I decide to.

I will be using the new black tanks for regular air, and the new yellow tanks will be dedicated to Nitrox fills. I will be using my old tanks as spares for now until I decide what to do with them.

The tanks from were the most expensive because I had to pay full price, along with the high shipping costs to Hawaii. They cost me $276 for both of them, plus another $195 for shipping.

I was able to get both of the black tanks from Island Divers Hawaii for $239 with my 30% employee discount because I am a DMC with them. Normally they are $215 each plus tax so I saved a mint by getting them from Island Divers Hawaii. They even threw in the first fill on each of them for free.

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  1. UPDATE:

    I was told twice on the phone by the instructors at before the tanks arrived that the tanks I ordered from them would be certified as being O2 Clean when I received them. When they arrived they had visual inspection stickers on them, but no O2 Clean sticker. Dive shops here use Partial Pressure Blending when filling Nitrox tanks, so they must be certified as O2 Clean in order to be used for Nitrox.

    Since lied to me about the tanks being O2 Clean I dropped off the 2 new yellow tanks at Aloha Scuba to have them O2 Cleaned along with the valves. The valves had regular o-rings installed on them, which can not be used for oxygen, so they have to be cleaned as well and new Viton o-rings installed on them. Hopefully they will be ready in a few days to pick back up.

    The purpose of purchasing the tanks from was so that I did not have to go through all of this for Nitrox tanks. Since they lied to me about the tanks, that was the last purchase I will ever make at

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