DMC Course Update

After we completed the last of the required dives today for the Open Water Diver course a couple of the students had to retake their written exams, so I used this opportunity to take Part 1 of my Divemaster Final Exam. I had already completed Dive Theory Online so that will take the place of Part 2 of the exam, keeping me from having to take another exam.

Since my score on the Dive Theory Online exam was a perfect 100%, I was very nervous about todays exam. I needed to make another perfect score. Unfortunately that is part of my Type – A personality I suppose. I have always been very hard on myself, and demanded only perfect scores for any exams that I take.

As I took the exam the nerves and butterflies in my stomach started in, which made it difficult to concentrate on reading the questions. I was finally able to complete the exam, now I just had to wait what seemed like an hour for the score (it was actually only about 5 minutes). I told her that I may have missed one question that I was not sure about, but I know the rest were all correct. She said “I bet you missed more than one” and went inside to grade the exam.

I waited outside the classroom while Michelle graded the exam, and when I went in to check on my score she had a disappointed look on her face and said that she couldn’t help me with the exam, because I got a 100% on it. I was starting to think I had failed the exam somehow, she scared me.

Afterwards we went over my Divemaster Application packet to see what I had already completed in the past couple of weeks, and what I still needed to complete. As she went down the list checking boxes and signing off on items listed I started to feel better about my progress in the course. Basically I have about half of the course requirements completed, and now I know what I need to work on next.

I will try to complete my Mapping Project this week. In it I have to create a dive map of a dive site. Michelle let me choose the site, so I chose Koko Craters, because I dive there often from the boat out of the Hawaii Kai shop and it would be easier to get enough dives at the location to create the map by myself since I am not working as part of a group on the Mapping Project.

If things stay as scheduled now, this next week I will complete my required water skills on Thursday evening. Hopefully Wednesday or Thursday I will have a chance to check off some of the other requirements that I still need, that is if the boat goes out from Hawaii Kai then, it has been canceled this week due to the high south swells that we have been getting the past few days.

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