Spending Time with the Dolphins

For the past two days I have been certifying the employees of Dolphin Quest at the Kahala Hotel & Resort in First Aid, CPR, & AED.

After the skills evaluations were completed yesterday and all of the employees received their certifications I was introduced to Kolohe, Hoku and the other dolphins at the Dolphin Quest Oahu location. I was able to spend some private time with them and one of their trainers, having them do tricks and feeding them their fish treats.

That was the first time I have been that close to Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. I did not realize they were actually that large and they feel so smooth, they almost feel like they are made of plastic as they lay on their sides and allow me to pet them. Dolphins are very intelligent creatures, and I have always been interested in them.

When I got home my cat was very interested as to why my hand smelled like fish but he couldn’t find the fish that he wanted.

With my extremely busy schedule of Divemaster training, diving, and teaching first aid, CPR & AED, and food safety certification classes it is hard for me to sneak-in time to just relax and have fun, and this was a welcomed treat for me. I have been invited to come back one day when I have time to swim with the dolphins, that will be a very unique experience and one that I am definitely looking forward to.

I have attached a couple photos below, you can see more photos in the photo album on my Facebook page.

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