Confined Water Dives 3, 4 & 5

Yesterday I completed the PADI Divemaster Online course and am finishing up the last chapters in the Divemaster Manual this weekend. I’m not sure why I am required to do both the online course, and the knowledge reviews in the book since they are both the same course, but alright, whatever it takes to get it done.

I assisted with the last Confined Water training session for the Open Water Divers class at the MWR pool last night. Extra equipment was brought just in case, and sure enough it wasn’t needed. Equipment only seems to break when you don’t have replacements handy. This time I was able to get in the water to assist Michelle with the class instead of watching from the side of the pool.

Once the classroom portion of the training was completed the class was divided up into two separate classes with 8 students each for the pool sessions. Our class was down to just 5 students for tonights class, which would make the class go much quicker than Wednesday nights class did, or so I thought.

Some of the skills the students would work on tonight were the alternate air source ascents, controlled emergency swimming ascents (CESA), mask clearing, weight removal and replacement at the surface, and BCD removal and replacement underwater. Just before getting in we went over the procedures for the skills that we would be doing while the students were getting their gear ready and doing their buddy checks.

One of the students upon entering the deep end of the pool almost immediately gave the out of air signal and started heading back to the surface quickly. At first we were thinking “we’re not ready to do that skill yet”, but when Michelle reached the student she realized that the students dive buddy husband had mistakingly turned her air back off during the buddy checks. Apparently he had forgotten which way to turn the valve on the tank. I remembered once when a dive buddy of mine in my Open Water class back in January had done the same thing to me, and the panicked feeling that it quickly brought.

Along with supervising the students that the instructor was not working with at the time, I also demonstrated the Fin Pivot and Hovering skills to the students. While I watched them struggle through their skills tonight it reminded me of how I struggled with those very skills just a short four months ago, and now they seem like second nature to me.

After the pool session was completed we headed back to the Island Divers Hawaii dive shop on Scofield Barracks to rinse the gear and refill the scuba tanks that were used. We finally got out of there just past 11:00pm once again, and because of the late night again without eating dinner, I am fighting another migraine this morning.

The open water dives that were supposed to be held this weekend have been postponed until next Saturday and Sunday because the surf conditions were going to be too high for the shore dives that were planned. Unfortunately that means another whole week before I can get signed off on anything for my DMC training.

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