Dive Master Candidate Course

Becoming a Dive Master is the first step towards transitioning from recreational diving to professional diving and becoming an instructor. I have been working on the online training portion of the course and the bookwork for the PADI Dive Master Candidate course for the past month or so and I will be starting on the practical training this weekend.

On Sunday I will be assisting Nate Jonson in teaching an Advanced Open Water certification class as part of the “Continuing Ed” portion of my DMC practical training. The following week I will be assisting Michelle Martus with teaching an Open Water certification class with the pool sessions and open water dives.

When I spoke with Michelle on the phone to get this training set up I did not realize that I already knew her until she asked me if I remembered her. She was also in the Emergency First Response Instructor class that I took back in January of this year. She was already a Dive Master with Deep Ecology on the North Shore and was in the process of becoming a scuba instructor then. I kinda went backwards by becoming an EFR Instructor before becoming a scuba instructor.

I had talked to Michelle about going diving together during the EFRI class, but I forgot to get her contact information and I changed dive shops from Deep Ecology over to Island Divers Hawaii so we were never able to plan a dive together. It just goes to show you that even though Oahu has a population of over one million people on it, it is still a very small island and you never know who you may run into.

I am nervous about assisting in my first classes this week, but at least knowing both of the instructors that I will be working with will make it a little easier.

Over the next few weeks I will have a very hectic schedule while I try to get all of the practicals checked off as well as the required “demonstration quality” skills and pool work that has to be completed. On the pool work, the two parts that are concerning me are the timed 400 meter and 800 meter lap swims and the 15 minute water tread.

Until learning to dive in January, I have not had an opportunity to learn how to swim. I did not swim as a child before all of my fears took hold of my life, and after they were in place I had no desire to go near the water. I can swim now, but not very fast, and for short distances before I start to panic. This will be a huge obstacle for me to overcome to be able to complete the Dive Master Candidate course.

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