Underwater Navigator Specialty

Getting lost underwater and running out of air is a major concern of mine, so I decided to do the Underwater Navigation Specialty course to make me better at navigating and finding my way underwater.

For this course my instructor was Tara with Island Divers Hawaii who also did part of my Advanced Open Water Diver course back at the beginning of March.

There was a mild current, which I had to keep in mind while trying to navigate the courses that Tara gave me to follow. I had a minor “brain fart” at the beginning when I was reading my compass incorrectly, but as soon as I realized what I had done wrong I was able to correct it and complete the pre-determined course patterns correctly.

What made it difficult was for the last part of the course, not only did I have to follow bearing headings that were given to me, making course adjustments due to the current, but I had to draw a map of the area at the same time. I can barely draw “stick figures” so I was impressed when I was able to draw a map that actually resembled our dive location somewhat. I’m not sure if anyone else would be able to follow my map and find their destination, but at least I could use it to find our way back to the boat so thats all that mattered.

Hopefully what I learned in this course will keep me from becoming lost at sea.

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