Dive 63 – “Black Water” Dive

Date: April 24, 2013       Dive Shop:  Island Divers Hawaii, Hawaii Kai, HI.

Location: 3-4 Miles South East of Honolulu,  Oahu, Hawaii

Dive Type: Boat    Environ: Ocean / Salt   Conditions:  Light Current

Visibility: 60-80′      Air Temp:   79      Bottom Temp:  74.0      Weight:  14lbs.

Time In:  21:15    Time Out:  21:44

Max Depth:  59′       Average Depth: 41.5′     Time:   :29        Safety Stop: 3 Min / 15′

Start PSI: 2,816    End PSI: 1,977      Air/EANx:  32%

Exposure Protection: 5-Mil Full Wetsuit, Hood, Boots, Gloves, 2 Dive Lights

Equipment: Spare Air


Since I had done so many dives with Island Divers Hawaii, Matt the owner invited me to join them on a Crew Dive which was to be a “Black Water Dive”. This was the first “Black Water Dive” that the shop had done from Moanaloa Bay so we did not know what to expect. Matt, the dive shop owner also asked to be my dive buddy since I had been making so much progress in the past few months since starting to dive.

On a “Black Water Dive” we use a location that has a 300′ to 400′ bottom and we drift at around 45-50 feet and see what we can see. We set a strobe light suspended 60′ from a buoy and everyone was to stay above the strobe light to make sure no one went too deep. With nothing to use for a reference except for the strobe light, that was difficult at first and you really had to concentrate on your buoyancy making sure that it was correct as you entered the water instead of descending down then adjusting it when you reach the bottom as a normal dive.

We saw all kinds of strange creatures that we had not seen before in the shallower depths. Many of which glowed various colors using bio-luminescence. One small one about 4 inches across appeared to resemble a space ship with its outside spinning in one direction while its inside spun in the opposite direction and emitted green and red lights.

We also saw various species of jellies, one of which resembled a snake that was about 6 foot long with long tentacles coming out from the tail end of it. One of the divers found out that it definitely did sting when brushed up against.

This was the creepiest dive that I have been on, and the boat captain did not make matters any better, when as we were kitting up and getting ready to enter the water he started playing the theme song from “Jaws” over the boats stereo system. He has a sick sense of humor, but we like him.

iGills Snapshot

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