Dive 57

Date: April 22, 2013       Dive Shop:  Island Divers Hawaii, Hawaii Kai, HI.

Location: Kahala Barge,  Oahu, Hawaii

Dive Type: Boat    Environ: Ocean / Salt   Conditions:  Current

Visibility: 60-80′      Air Temp:   79       Bottom Temp:  76      Weight:  22lbs.

Time In:  09:33    Time Out:  10:01

Max Depth:  83′       Average Depth: 80.4′     Time:   :28        Safety Stop: 15′ 3min

Start PSI: 2,524    End PSI: 1,767      Air/EANx:  32%

Exposure Protection: 7-Mil Full Wetsuit, Hood, Boots, Gloves

Equipment: Spare Air, DPV, Dive Lights, Slate


This was my second dive for the Wreck Diver Specialty. My task this dive was to map the wreck and my penetration point for a later dive on Thursday. I failed art in school, and i will be the first to admit that I can not draw anything, so trying to draw a map of a wreck that someone else will be able to use to dive the site and penetrate the wreck was very difficult for me.

I located 2 possible penetration locations with good areas to tie off a penetration line both outside and just inside the wreck structure. I wanted to located a second one just incase for some reason I was not able to use my first choice on Thursday when we come back to penetrate the wreck.

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