Product Review – iGills SE-35

Every once in a while a product comes out that changes everything, and I believe the iGills SE-35 is one of those “Game Changers”.

I have been hearing a lot about the new iGills that allows you to use an iPhone as a fully functional dive computer and dive logging system complete with photos and videos taken during the dive, so I decided to try one out for myself and see what all the fuss was about.

The iGills allows you to dock an iPhone 3, iPhone 4, or iPhone 4S inside its waterproof housing and dive up to 130′ deep utilizing software from a free downloadable app that converts your phone into a fully functional and versatile advanced dive computer with an easy to use interface. For my testing I decided to risk it by using my most expensive iPhone model and used my iPhone 4S.

Some of the features of the iGills include:

  • Multiple dive modes including Air, Nitrox, and Gauge
  • Ascent rate indication
  • Nitrogen loading tracking across multiple dives
  • Time & Depth alarms
  • Altitude compensation
  • Automatically generated content rich dive log
  • Dive compass (gyro stabilized with iPhone 4 & 4S)
  • Emergency Flashlight
  • Dive camera (8 megapixel autofocus with iPhone 4S)
  • Dive Videocamera (1080p with the iPhone 4S)

Whats better is the iGills housing that contains the depth & temperature sensor and onboard computer does not use a battery. So you never have to worry about changing out a battery, or missing a dive because of a dead battery. Everything runs off of the iPhone’s own internal battery.

The entire housing is made from high-strength impact resistant polycarbonate, thats the same material that bullet-proof glass is made from, and all of

the hardware is made from marine-grade stainless steel so you know it is made to last.

The display is easy to read and the six button interface is easy to navigate, even while diving with 2mil gloves on.

I currently use a wrist mounted integrated Vyper Air as my main computer, but the iGills is much easier to read underwater, and much easier to navigate through the various screens and functions.

The iGills housing comes complete with instructions, a protective microfiber carrying pouch and wrist/BCD lanyard with quick disconnect.

The iGills SE-35 has my vote for one of the absolute best new products on the market.

For more information or to purchase the iGills SE-35 check with your local dive shop, or visit

The only drawback that I have found with the iGills SE-35 is that it does not offer air integration, so you still have to have a separate pressure gauge. If this can somehow be added in a future version, perhaps via bluetooth I would give this product a full 5 dive flag rating.

My Product Rating: 

3 responses

  1. Laurent Giroud | Reply

    Thanks for the informative review!

    Have you had the chance to record some videos with it and if so what is your opinion of the quality of the iGills in that domain?

    I have been googling left and right for reviews and videos taken with it and all videos I managed to find (on Youtube mostly) are globally of average quality. The picture seem very green even at very shallow depths (< 1 m) so it looks like the iGills optics are not really on par with these of dedicated camera underwater housings.

    Unfortunately I have not been able to find a proper review of its capabilities in this regard so I cannot confirm so far whether my impression is justified or not.

  2. Well, I want to be a fan but my igills has locked up the last 7 dives in a row. The longest time prior to locking up was 9 mins and usually in the first few minutes. Ugh!! I did the update to the latest version but still problems. I have 2 more days of diving this week so I plan to delete the app and redownload. Considering returning it if the problems continue. Thankfully I was using it only as a backup computer and camera.

    1. Have you contacted iGills yet? Something definitely is not right with your software if it’s doing that. I would uninstall and reinstall and see if that helps, and call iGills.

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