Dive 54

Date: April 8, 2013       Dive Shop:  Dive Oahu, Honolulu, HI.

Location: Kaiser Reef / Channel Reef / Kewalo Pipe,   Oahu, Hawaii

Dive Type: Boat    Environ: Ocean / Salt  Conditions: Surge, Swells, & Mild Current

Visibility: 40-60′      Air Temp:   82       Bottom Temp:  75      Weight:  18lbs.

Time In:  14:22    Time Out:  15:06

Depth:  58′       Time:   :44        Safety Stop: 15′ 3min

Start PSI: 2745    End PSI: 1915      Air/EANx:  34%

Exposure Protection: 5-Mil Full Wetsuit, Hood, Boots, Gloves

Equipment: Spare Air, DPV


Completed all of the required skills for the DPV Specialty course on the first dive so we decided to just do a “fun dive” and tour the area. Instead of riding the boat from the first dive site to the second dive site we decided to use the DPV’s and tour a large area on the way to the second dive site.

Got to tour Kaiser Reef, Channel Reef, and finally Kewalo Pipe and the coral reef around it. Saw Trumpet Fish, and Moray Eels on the dive. At the boat harbor we saw a Stingray with about a 6′ wingspan gliding under the boat at the dock looking for fish scraps dropped from the nearby fishing tour boats.

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