Why Do It?

Today a dive buddy of mine asked me why I am writing this blog about my diving activities. I teach food safety through the Hawaii Foodservice Academy, I teach First Aid, CPR, & Prehospital Emergency Care courses through Oahu CPR TRaining, and I still take time to dive and write a blog about my diving.

I thought about it for a moment, and the answer just jumped right out at me.

If someone out there who has been through a traumatic event in their past that has scarred them and changed how they live their lives happens to read this blog and is encouraged to overcome their fears and take back control of their lives like I am, then they are why I am doing it.

I let my fears control my life for 25 years before I decided to use SCUBA diving to overcome them. Since I started diving back in January my whole life has changed for the better. Now thats not saying that my fears are not still there, believe me they are there, but I do not let them control me anymore. I am now in control for a change, and it feels great!

If I can help just one person to overcome their fears through diving, it will be worth it.

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